Our Performa Program is a popular, forward-thinking, all-inclusive solution for many businesses because you don’t just get the talent, strategy, and blueprint necessary to succeed, you also receive the content creation, tools, creative development, deployment, and reporting to showcase the amazing results. Our team can accommodate whether you currently have a marketing director, a strategic team, or a full-service marketing team. We creatively strategize the specifics of our client’s objectives while supporting the integrity of their brand.


Our team of social experts specializes in developing effective strategies that tell stories & engage audiences. We work with brands and talent to create industry-leading campaigns that take an innovative and results-driven approach to social conversations, impressions, and engagements. We provide the roadmap to elevate your digital presence and foster a community of lifelong fans, with custom content that represents who you are and what your message is. For more info on our social services go here: https://os.social


Our in-house team includes the best talent among videographers, photographers, directors, designers, developers, and social creatives. We work across the music, entertainment, retail B2B and B2C, franchise, real estate, and lifestyle space, with full production capabilities ranging from large-scale film productions, and documentaries, to content creation, to quick turnaround social design. All of your creative needs are catered to by one passionate team.


We offer a truly integrated approach to build, grow, and engage audiences, ultimately delivering the best campaigns to achieve your objectives. We can place mobile ads on apps like Spotify, The Weather Channel, and Waze, banner ads on all search engines, and video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and much more. Instead of using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you can now hit those targets, and hundreds more, from one place at once. Our sophisticated approach to digital advertising is enhanced by proximity to our marketing strategy, creative, social, PR, and partnership teams, allowing us to amplify the right content to the right people at the right time!


Our strategy team’s skills extend across a number of highly specialized areas, building campaigns from the ground up for businesses, bands, artists, and brands. We help build your overarching strategy by helping to articulate and define your brand identity, ensure you are telling a consistent and cohesive story across all touchpoints, properly identify your target audiences, and outline specific goals and objectives that reflect what success looks like to you. We then deliver specific ideas, recommendations, activations and clearly outlined deliverables to help you achieve those goals. We act as the project hub, to ensure all team members are up to speed with campaign activity across all areas and regularly review goals and objectives, to keep everything on track.

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