The OutHouse is a fun weekly podcast series with Shane and Eric talking about anything and everything, from music to art, to marketing and promotion. You never know what might happen when you're in The OutHouse!

Episode 1: A Brief History On OutSuite

Episode 2: DSOM Turns 50!

Episode 3: The 3 E's

Episode 4: OutHouses Of The Unholy

Episode 5: OTT Not OPP

Episode 6: Paving The Yellow Brick Road

Episode 7: Our Documentary "Slow Ride"

Episode 8: Southern Rock Siblings

Episode 9: Strategizing Like Batman

Episode 10: The Year Music Hit A High Note!

Episode 11: Starman's Timeless Sonic Odyssey

Episode 12: Shane's Secret Tome

Episode 13: Rockin' Outta Beantown

Episode 14: Inspiring Quotes

Episode 15: All Of The Above

Episode 16: It's Never Too Early For Some WONDER

Episode 17: On The Beach with EXIT Realty Virginia

Episode 18: Our First Guest!

Episode 19: More Quotes From The OutHouse

Episode 20: 50 Years Of The Wizard

Episode 21: Appreciating A Virginia Rocker

Episode 22: Raw Power X 50!

Episode 23: The Dingleberry Experience

Episode 24: Sign O' The Times

Episode 25: So HAPPY In Virginia Beach

Episode 26: 'Rumours' Are Swirling All Around Us

Episode 27: A Quote To Blow Your Mind

Episode 28: A Good Buddy

Episode 29: FOGHAT!!!

Episode 30: George Thorogood & The Destroyers!

Episode 31: Battle Of The Crowes

Episode 32: Stories From The Road

Episode 33: Straight Shooter

Episode 34: Best Moments In The OutHouse 2023

Episode 35: Blackstar - A Tribute To David Bowie

Episode 36: What's Your Birthday Song?

Episode 37: More OutHouse!

Episode 38: KISS Turns 50

Episode 39: Photographer Jake Coughlin

Episode 40: Fun Facts About Vinyl

Episode 41: First Albums

Episode 42: Historic Variety Records (special guest Scott Holt)

Episode 43: Voodoo Inspiration (with Scott Holt)

Episode 44: From Buddy Guy To Foghat (with Scott Holt)

Episode 45: Third Man Records

Episode 46: Happiness Bastards